A Mobile Stylist for the Two of Us

When my mom told me about an in-home beauty service she had seen advertised, I was interested enough to look online for more information. One of the things that I have struggled with is getting my hair done on a consistent basis. I knew that my mom was having the same issue, and this in home beauty service seemed to be the answer for both of us. This company sends hair stylists right to your door. It does not even matter if it is your own home that she comes to either.

If you are at someone else’s house, she will come there. She will also go to hotels, businesses, churches or anywhere else where someone might need to meet up to get a nice hairdo. When I looked at their services, I liked that it was more than just hair cuts too. While I definitely like a quality cut, I am just as concerned with the styling too. My hair can be quite stubborn, which is why it is such a hardship to have to go to different hair salons to get my hair done. I like that the same person would come to me each time, which means a lot when it comes to hair.

When it is the same stylist doing a woman’s hair each time, a relationship definitely develops. It is also better because this hair stylist forms, as odd as it sounds, a relationship with that woman’s hair too. She knows what works, what does not, and she is able to maintain the style in a way that new stylists just cannot. My mom and I both decided to book appointments, and we were both very happy with the results. Having a mobile hair stylist makes my life so much easier, and I have never looked better. My mom loves the convenience too!