The Worst Things You Can Do when Using an Escort Service

I am a regular guy and I have called a Utah escort service more than once. Many of the women I have come across say that I am a great guy and they wish that more guys were like me. Over the course of many years, I have discovered the things that they absolutely hate when it comes to meeting clients.

Asking If They Are A Cop

You have probably been watching far too many crime dramas if you think that this is an acceptable way to act. This is extremely off-putting to the girls and sometimes they respond by cutting the date short and going to meet someone else. You have to trust that the Utah escort service you are using is sending you real hot girls and not cops.

Being Smelly

Why on Earth would anyone think that it was okay to show up for a meeting smelling terrible is beyond me. It is not that hard t take a shower, make sure that you are well groomed and splash on some nice cologne or aftershave before you leave the house. Nobody wants to be around you if they feel like they cannot breathe freely at the time.

talking About Money

This is just not something you should do. Whether this means discussing how much you make at work or asking how much a person makes each night average, this is just not something that you should do if you want to avoid offending people and possibly ending up on the black list.

While I am no expert and everyone is not the same, these are some of the things that the girls I have met tell me they are bothered by. Do yourself and the person you meet a favor and don’t do any of these things while spending time with them.