What Could Have Caused a Drain to Clog?

When I was in college, I had a major issue with the plumbing in the house that I was staying at. I used to think that it was the fellow roommates that I had that was messing up the sinks so they never drained. It wasn’t until one of my roommates had her boyfriend over and he said the drains needed to be cleaned out. Naive to that idea, I asked if it was something one of us could do or do I need to look for drain cleaning near me to find someone who can do it. Turns out, it could go either way.

Me and my roommate decided we’d try cleaning it ourselves first. We looked online and found a mix of baking soda and vinegar to pour down the drain. First, dusting the baking soda and then pouring some vinegar. The sink bubbled up, but nothing came out with it. We had both read that when you do that, gunk and anything in the sink should come up from the mix being pour down it. When that didn’t work, we moved on to the second option: calling a professional.

Finding someone to clean drains was a breeze. We told him about the sink drain always being clogged and how we used the mix on the sink to get it cleaned. When he realized that didn’t work, he asked if maybe something was lodged in the pipe because that mix usually does the trick. I am not someone who gets easily grossed out, but he put in a long stick looking thing, he called it a snake, and poked around the sink and fished out a huge clump of hair. I was so grossed out! He flushed the pipe with pressured water and the gunk that came up with that was too much for me. I had to asked what we could do to keep the pipes clean so this doesn’t happen again. He told us that the vinegar and baking soda mix should keep it clean, but there might still be clogs here and there and to just call him and he’ll get them out.

Since then, we haven’t had a single issue with drains in sinks or anything. We also weekly flush the drains with the mix that we found online. So far, it’s been working perfectly and I have no complaints!

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